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At Therapy Box, Inc. East meets West...

This is a play on words for a couple of reasons.  Geographically, Melissa comes from the Atlantic and Marcus from the Pacific.  Equally, we offer a balance of holistic practices from around the world and a 360-degree mind, body & spirit approach that strives to enhance the quality of life one session at a time while complementing the care that our clients may be receiving from their physicians and symptom focused treatments. 

One of our biggest assets as owners is when it comes to strengths and weaknesses, as well as personality traits, Melissa and Marcus complement and balance each other perfectly.  This sets the stage for operating and managing a successful business with multiple locations.    This, combined with a similar vision of how to grow their own individual mobile businesses and serve the community laid the ground work for Therapy Box, Inc.

Therapy Box, Inc. is a one of a kind wellness co-op offering holistic health services at affordable rates to promote health & wellness as an economical and effective form of healthcare for our surrounding community.  We offer a blend of modalities ranging from massage and stretch therapy, to acupuncture and cupping, to energetic bodywork.  In addition to those one on one sessions, we also offer yoga classes, eye brow threading, up-do’s and make-up for events and henna tattoos.  Both of our locations have space to accommodate workshops and we also take our services out into the community by participating in local events.

Not only is it about our clients, its also about our team! 

We offer opportunities for both entry level & experienced practitioners alike. Not limited to massage therapists, we have opened our space to acupuncturists reflexologists, energetic body workers, nutritionists, councilors as well as yoga, Pilates, qi gong and Zumba instruction.  This is a space for holistic practitioners to enjoy renting in a co-op style office space and be surrounded by supportive practitioners with various levels of experience and expertise for their craft. It is our goal to showcase our team’s unique talentsand experience while working with clients to promote, activate and nurture the natural healing abilities within the body.