A Juxtaposition of Worlds Creates an Holistic Oasis

East meets West, literally. Melissa, from the Mid-Atlantic Coast, and Marcus, from the Pacific Coast, came together to start Therapy Box, Inc. and brought a balance of holistic practices from around the world with them. The result? A 360-degree mind, body, and spirit approach to their business and their clients.

Therapy Box is a one of a kind wellness co-op, offering holistic health services at affordable rates as an economical and effective form of local, small business based healthcare for surrounding communities. By offering a blend of modalities, the number one goal is to promote a wide range of health and wellness options in an environment that welcomes people from all walks of life and all levels of health, to both the Ellicott City, MD and Frederick, MD locations.

Therapy Box not only caters to the needs of clients looking to take control of their health but also commits to providing opportunities for both entry-level and experienced practitioners alike. Surrounded by a supportive network of colleagues, our doors are open to a wide variety of practices, modalities and experience with space for holistic practitioners to rent on an as needed basis utilizing a co-op format. This continues to create and maintain a team of unique and talented individuals who provide the best experience possible.