Tracy Blair is a certified kundalini yoga teacher passionate about her role in facilitating experiences of personal, societal, and environmental healing.  Kundalini yoga came into her life at a time when she was facing the stresses of new motherhood on top of mental and emotional health issues that mainstream approaches had only been able to offer temporary relief.  Through regular kundalini yoga practice she gained the tools and techniques to face her inner and outer challenges head-on, as well as the direct experience of transcending seemingly intractable problems to feel peace and bliss despite circumstances (and sometimes even despite herself!).  Tracy is committed to awakening this healing in others by holding space for direct, personal experiences of peace and by sharing the knowledge she has accumulated through her training and life experiences.  She is the homeschooling mother of two young children, a student of permaculture and primitive/traditional skills, a singer/songwriter, and a community organizer. She loves the Earth and believes in the power of yoga to help us rise above the world’s problems and create a healthy, harmonious future for all.

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Thai Yoga Massage with Traci Tufano